Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Picture to Sum Up My Thoughts of The Season Finale

Ha Ha. So I guess I should quickly explain. After the episode ended, I posted a tweet on twitter that said: "Bobby, Y U NO push Alex against the SUV and take her right there?" Apparently I cracked a few people up. People know I'm a shipper; it's not a secret and I certainly don't try and hide it. Anyway, @Kyasurin_Chan made this for me. You kind of have to be on Twitter to understand it, but nonetheless I love it. Completely sums up my thoughts. =)

As far as being disappointed (with the ending), I wanted to be, but the way Goren and Eames were looking at each other...well, HELLO! No one can deny that they saw something there. If you missed it, you either had your eyes closed or you're officially blind! Just saying.

One last thing:

Happy 52nd Birthday Vincent!!!