Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Vincent Creations [1]

Hello all! I realize I don't blog much anymore nor do I keep up with all the new blog posts of those whom I follow. I'm sorry. I need to try and get on here more often. Most of my time [writing] is spent working on fanfics these days. It's always been my number one love and always will be. It relaxes me, calms me.

Anyway, just a quick blog from me as I jump up and down and wave to let you know I'm still around.  For those of you that are friends with me on Facebook, these pictures won't be new to your eyes. I frequently post them on Twitter as well, so I'm sorry if you also follow me on there.

As you know, I love words and I love playing with words. So the following 10 screen caps of our lovely Robert Goren (and one of Vincent D'Onofrio) all have writing on them. Some of them are pretty simple, i.e. the Pure Sex picture, but for others I had to sit and look at the picture for awhile. Some are depressing, but for those of you that know my work, you know I'm always depressing. I don't do happy. I'll probably be posting more of these later, but here are some for now. Enjoy.

And lastly: